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Located at 6-3850 Green Falls Drive in Regina

Located at 6-3850 Green Falls Drive
in Regina

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Night Driving

For some, driving at night can become a serious challenge as distortion and glare become important factors. Headlights and streetlights cause glare, and light from night traffic can make taillights and brake lights hard to differentiate. Aging, smoking, vision problems, and certain diseases will add to the difficulty of night driving.

Car maintenance is important: ensure headlights are clean, properly aimed, and in good working order. Windows that are dirty, pitted, or scratched further distort your vision. Windshield wipers shouldn’t leave streaks and mirrors need to be clean and adjusted. Simple maintenance can make a huge difference in helping you drive at night.

Maintenance of your vision is also important. We will be happy to discuss any of your vision concerns, whether the problem occurs at night or during the day.

Doctor Recommends® lenses offer a product called the Drive Lens - a lens specifically designed to enhance the low lighting conditions of night driving. This product is exclusive to EyeRecommend clinics like Nexus Vision Centre!