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Located at 6-3850 Green Falls Drive in Regina

Located at 6-3850 Green Falls Drive
in Regina

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Eye Exams in the COVID era

Saskatchewan has begun reopening the province and Optometry clinics are among the first business to reopen. Nexus Vision Centre has made changes in accordance with the government’s Reopen Saskatchewan plan.

Here’s what you can expect for your eye exam at Nexus Vision Centre.

  • We will be keeping walk-in traffic to a minimum and are requesting all visits to our clinic to be made by appointment (including picking up glasses or getting adjustments)
  • At this time, wearing a mask is encouraged, though not mandatory
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided when you enter the clinic
  • All testing and pretesting equipment will be wiped down thoroughly in between patients as they always have been. Additionally, all surfaces of the exam room, including chairs and counter tops will be sanitized in between patients.
  • Dr. Patterson will be wearing a surgical mask at all times during the appointment.
  • The phoropter (machine that checks prescription) and the slit lamp microscope (for assessing eye health) have been outfitted with clear plexiglass shields to act as a barrier between the doctor and the patient.
  • All frames in the frame gallery will be sanitized every time they are touched or worn by a patient. We are happy to still fit you in a new pair of glasses!
  • Appointments will be spread out to minimize patient to patient contact.

If you are feeling ill, please stay home and call 811 if you suspect you have any symptoms of COVID-19. Please stay home if you have traveled outside the country in the last 14 days.

We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional care to our patients in this unprecedented time.

ZEISS Myopia Management Lenses

ZEISS has released a new portfolio of Myopia management lenses that can help reduce the progression of near-sightedness (Myopia) in children. Watch this video to learn more!


Are dry eyes a challenge?

Do your eyes burn? You may be suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. You don’t have to live with discomfort and irritation. There are simple environmental and dietary solutions:

Use preservative free moisturizing drops – artificial tears, or lubricating eye drops, will help your dry eyes feel better. * Don’t confuse artificial tears with formulas that “get the red out.”

Hot compresses with a heat mask can heat masks will sooth dry eye symptoms.

Improve indoor air quality – an air cleaner filters out dust and other particles from the air, while a humidifier adds moisture to air that’s dry because of air conditioning or heating.

Wear well-fitted sunwear – when outdoors, always wear sunglasses to reduce exposure to sun, wind and dust.

Drink more liquids – mild dehydration can make dry eye problems worse. Experts agree that about 20% of the water your body needs comes from the food you eat, while the rest originates from the liquids you drink. The best choices are water, 100% fruit and vegetable juices, and milk.

Add supplements and boost your diet – studies have found that nutritional supplements with certain essential fatty acids can decrease dry eye symptoms. Eat more cold-water fish such as sardines, cod, herring and salmon, which contain omega-3 fatty acids.

A prescription medication for dry eye may be a good choice for you. Doctor Patterson will help prescribe the right dry eye regimen for your total eye health!

Pop in and see us about the many changes that will turn your desert into an oasis!

Night Driving

For some, driving at night can become a serious challenge as distortion and glare become important factors. Headlights and streetlights cause glare, and light from night traffic can make taillights and brake lights hard to differentiate. Aging, smoking, vision problems, and certain diseases will add to the difficulty of night driving.

Car maintenance is important: ensure headlights are clean, properly aimed, and in good working order. Windows that are dirty, pitted, or scratched further distort your vision. Windshield wipers shouldn’t leave streaks and mirrors need to be clean and adjusted. Simple maintenance can make a huge difference in helping you drive at night.

Maintenance of your vision is also important. We will be happy to discuss any of your vision concerns, whether the problem occurs at night or during the day.

Doctor Recommends® lenses offer a product called the Drive Lens – a lens specifically designed to enhance the low lighting conditions of night driving. This product is exclusive to EyeRecommend clinics like Nexus Vision Centre!

Itchy Eyes?

It’s allergy season in the prairies! Itchy and puffy eyes are commonly caused by an allergy to something in your environment. Mild itching can be helped with lubricating eye drops. Cool compresses or ice packs can also help reduce the symptoms.

Eye knew that: Avoid rubbing your eyes, which releases chemicals called histamines that increase the itchiness. Also, keep your car windows rolled up when pollen counts are high.

More severe itching may need extra help, such as prescription eye drops or oral antihistamines.

If itchy eyes are bothering you, book an appointment with Dr. Patterson. We can help.