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Located at 6-3850 Green Falls Drive in Regina

Located at 6-3850 Green Falls Drive
in Regina

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Vision Therapy


Vision Therapy is a doctor supervised program designed to improve the function of the visual system. Vision Therapy allows patients the opportunity for new visual experiences through the use of lenses, prisms, filters, and 3-D activities, among other things. Vision Therapy is individualized to the unique needs of the patient.


Who can benefit from Vision Therapy?

  • Learning Related Vision Disorders: In order to learn and read efficiently and effectively, the visual system must have proper eye teaming, eye tracking, and eye focusing skills. Any deficiencies in these areas can impact learning and behaviour, often leading to misdiagnoses like Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In addition, deficits in how the brain processes visual information can impact one’s ability to read and learn.
  • Concussion and Brain Injury: The majority of patients diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome experience visual symptoms such as light sensitivity, visual motion sensitivity, double vision, blurry/out of focus vision, loss of place when reading, balance issues, dizziness, headaches, and eyestrain.
  • “Lazy Eyes” (Amblyopia) and “Crossed Eyes” (Strabismus): These conditions result in poor eye-sight, double vision and/or reduce depth perception. In certain cases, vision therapy is an effective alternative to eye surgery. Vision therapy is also important in helping post-surgical patients develop functional vision and depth perception.
  • Athletes: Vision guides action and thus is very important for the success of many athletes. Sports vision therapy is individualized for the athlete’s sport of choice depending on the specific demands of their sport. Areas that are focused on include: hand-eye coordination, dynamic visual acuity, peripheral vision, depth perception, tracking and focus ability. Professional athletes in a variety of sports have used vision therapy to bring their game to the next level.

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Dear Valued Patient,

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to postpone all Routine Eye Care, Optical, and Vision Therapy Appointments, Effective Immediately. We will be available Tuesday-Friday 9:00AM – 4:00PM for Ocular Emergencies, by appointment only.

In our attempts to be as socially distant as possible and to protect you, our staff and all of our families, we recommend staying at home and following all of the precautions that have been set out by the city, province and the nation.

If you have specific questions about glasses, contact lenses or any other non-emergency / non-essential items please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request. As part of our services, we are happy to provide you the option of having your contact lenses sent directly to your home. If you currently have items on order, we will be in touch with you to make arrangements.

Reducing our availability to Ocular Emergencies reduces the burden of the Emergency rooms in the hospitals and reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Please stay home as much as possible and stay safe. We will be updating as we learn more about the COVID-19 situation.

Thank you from Dr. Chad Patterson and the Nexus Vision Centre Team.